Strata Management Services

Consistently reliable, professional and personal service.

Comprehensive Strata Management You Can Count On Since 1992.

Our business model is to provide every client a very comprehensive management service. We have an experienced and dedicated staff who are proficient in the operations of a strata corporation regarding:

  • Governance and management
  • operating budgets and finances
  • provision of accounting systems which are accurate, efficient and thorough
  • building operating systems and maintenance
  • building envelope repairs
  • finding solutions to efficiently operate and manage your strata corporation effectively

Professional Strata Management

Our comprehensive strata management service provides the fundamental principles and knowledge for management of a strata corporation, to ensure the needs and requirements of the ownership are managed in a professional and businesslike manner.

Strata Council Assistance

Strata Councils are the governing body of the strata corporation. Their duties at times can be very challenging and unrewarding. We have dedicated our services to assist Councils to work through those difficulties with education, perseverance, common sense and lastly and most importantly, humour. We encourage our Council’s to enjoy a laugh.


Money is a very important and a powerful tool. Owners need to know that the financial management of their strata corporation is properly accounted for in an accounting system. They also need financial statements that are well organized, accurate, and clear. We have been providing that service for over 25 years.