About Harbourside Property Management

We bring a personal one on one approach to every client.

The Services We Provide

  • A comprehensive, concise accounting system with dedicated accounting staff to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Best practices to address the repairs and maintenance of strata corporation buildings, mechanical equipment and common facilities. These best practices are a product of over 35 years of construction and equipment repair experience.
  • All the required information pertaining to the Administration and Counselling of the Strata Corporation. This is key to ensuring you are informed and acting in compliance with the Strata Property Act and other Statute laws that impact Strata Corporations.
  • Sound judgment and common sense in managing your building. Strata Council members can sometimes face a myriad of problems and challenges. With Harbourside Property Management assisting Councils, you can be assured of managing your building in a practical, efficient and professional manner. After 25 years of managing strata corporations, our goal is to continually improve on these services to our clients.